Data for this web display shows summarised habitat information, if you require more detailed information such as unconsolidated substrate type (sand, silt etc) reef detail (profile etc) or seagrass density, please contact us.

Instant Actions

In response to clicking a button or hitting a keyboard shortcut:

IconKeyboard shortcutComment
zoom in"=" or "+"with or without shift
zoom out"-" or "_"with or without shift
pan smoothlyleft/right/up/down arrows...
pan jumppageup/pagedown/home/enddo we need an icon for this?
zoom to world0if we have the zoombar, do we need an icon for this?

Toolbar Modes

Mouse driven actions that result from putting the toolbar into a particular mode and then doing something with the mouse. Pan/Select will be the default toolbar mode. If a particular mouse action is not defined in a given mode, the Pan/Select mode behavior for that mouse combo should be used.

ModeMap actionMouse action
Zoom boxZoom boxdrag
Zoom boxZoom in hereleft-click
Zoom boxZoom out hereright-click
Path rulerPath rulerleft-click

The select map action should be reserved for whatever the application needs it to mean (and should be left undefined otherwise).

Modal Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can be used to temporarily modify the toolbar mode (or potentially switch it altogether). When the toolbar mode is temporarily modified by a key press, the corresponding toolbar icon should be highlighted until the modifier key is released and the previous mode is restored.

  • Holding down shift temporarily puts the toolbar into zoom box mode, until the key is released.
  • Holding down control temporarily puts the toolbar into path ruler mode, until the key is released.
  • Other keys can be defined in a similar fashion. The left side of the home row ('a', 's', 'd', 'f', 'g') is ideal for this. Alternately, these keys could be used to switch modes entirely, if such a thing turned out to be necessary. As yet another option, these keys (or the rows above or below) could be used to toggle the top five layers in the LayerSwitcher.